Training Muscle Groups: Which Combinations to Make as a Man

With any fitness regime, there are an absolute litany of questions that any muscle building enthusiast has. What foods should I eat and avoid? How long will it take to build muscle? But perhaps one of the most overlooked questions is actually what combinations of muscles should be worked on to produce the most effective […]

What Does Testosterone Do to a Male Body?

That often spoken about, heard about but equally misunderstood hormone. The ‘manly’ hormone and the one that quite literally separates the men from the boys. It’s easy to think we understand the role of testosterone in so far as it is ‘what makes a man a man’, but is it really that simple? What does […]

What Does It Mean When You Have Sore Muscles?

Hitting the gym, pounding the weights and cardio, then getting home and feeling completely sore across all your muscle groups is a problem that any man has faced if he’s spent meaningful time in the gym. Some will tell you it’s a sign of strain and excess, and others will tell you it’s the reward […]

8 Signs You Are Fitter Than Ever

In the fitness world, there are so many ‘doom and gloom’ articles that tell us how to know we are seriously out of shape or are not doing enough to ensure our own good level fitness and health. But conversely, there are few publications focusing on the signs that we’re on top of our game […]

A Workout Split: The Definition and How to Use It as a Man

If you go to the gym, or for that matter, do any kind of working out at home or otherwise, you will no doubt have heard of a split workout. This is something that has been common sense ever since the method was used but, for many reasons, got left by the wayside in favour […]

The Main Differences Between Dirty and Clean Bulks

Bulking is not as simple as it may at first seem. The whole idea behind it is to create a prolonged state where the body has a surplus of calories, and within this time, training is specifically centred around muscle growth; it’s essentially the opposite of a weight loss diet. But, within this concept, there […]

The Difference Between Sore Muscles and an Injury

If you feel the strain during a workout, then chances are you’re experiencing acute muscle soreness, and in this case the smart advice is to stop. After a few hours, you’re likely to get the next phase which is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. After around 24-72 hours, however, it generally tapers off and you’re once […]

The Best Time to Work Out

Believe it or not, there are actually several unexpected variables that affect the success and efficiency of our workout routine without us even thinking about it. These aren’t so much the ‘internal’ issues such as our weight, metabolism or the like, but more around when we work out and how we split up our exercise. […]

Self-Lifting: 5 Tips on How to Lift Without Assistance

Self-lifting brings additional challenges. For a start, you don’t have any kind of ‘buddy system’ in place; nobody to spot you, spur you on or offer advice. And it makes the gym session that little bit less social as you’re effectively going solo. Furthermore, you run the risk of injury and nobody being there to […]

Muscle Soreness: How to Get Through It Quicker

Ask any gym goer or general fitness enthusiast and they will tell you that after a hard day’s exercise, they really feel it; the joints are stiff, the chest and heart have done more than their fair share, and, more often than not, the muscles are completely sore and tender. We accept it as ‘just […]